What is for us Natural Living

In a fast changing world were borders are vanishing and cultures are mixing it becomes a challenge to find the essence of becoming yourself and not being influenced by the commerce and the need to have more. We would like to make use of all what is available these days, mixing modern technology with traditional methods to create a mix where we can become independent from the big global businesses who try to rule our existence. Our goal is to find a way out of the system and at the same time become closer to living a happier life, appreciating what is close to us and sharing this with likeminded people.
It is Living with being aware of our impact on the world around us.
We try to respect the resources of nature, and avoid being wasteful.
We try to respect our surrounding: Man, animal, nature..
We make use of modern technology to improve our quality of life.
We make use of natural products where we can.
We reduce our consumption.
We live a simpler life without missing anything...





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