Solar Electricity thru PhotoVoltaic Panels

Use the Light from the Sun to generate Electricity with the help of PhotoVoltaic Cells.

Every one knows the very small solar cell which is making your calculator work. Cover up this cell and the calculator goes off.
A lot of these cells together make a solar panel, and a small panel can be enough to charge a battery, or feed a small circulation pump. And with Panels being made in all sizes and shapes there is no end in the posibilities how to use them. We even have install flexible panels on boats to charge batteries and provide electrics for the equipment, fridge etc. And with the price of the panels being at an all time low it is a lot cheaper than you think.Panels connected to eachother boost the power and with 6 panels you can generate enough electrics to be independent from the grid.
Our technical background helps to find the best solution for your needs, based on budget, space and desired result. We are realistic enough to realize that to become completely off-grid you either need adapt drasticly your electrics consumption, or have a large number of panels. This means that for most of us it will be an additional system, where you stay connected to the grid, and either seperate a part of your usage to run on Solar Energy, or have a Grid-Tied system, where you connect the solar panels thru an inverter to your Mains. Our goal is to help you decide if this is an option for you, and work out a plan, decide on the components and help you install it. Or if you want we can install the whole system profesionally for you.example install pv-panels -

It is great fun to invest in this clean from of renewable energy. To see your electricty bills reduce, and become a little less dependent from the big electricity companies.

We are happy to come to your home and see what options there are.. Click here for some examples on solar systems




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