whouseOff Grid Example.

This is a small off-grid install in Alcalali. The Solar panels, batteries, and generator are away from the main house. We tried to respect the house and surrounding as much as possible to blend in to the natural atmosphere.



It is at the moment 6 solar panels of 250W each, a 3000VA inverter, a 80A MMPT solar charger and a 24 V battery bank. As a backup there is a Honda 10KW generator converted to GAS so it runs of the main gastank. It is a fully automated system. The intention is to increase the number of solar panels to make sure that also in winter there is no need to run the generator, apart from the self-tests.


The water is pumped to the house with 2 small 24V dc powerfull pumps, creating a seperate system for the warm and cold water supply. And at the same time a failover.


Due to well chosen equipment in the household and an energy aware homeowner it is a well balanced system, which made living out in nature a dream come true..







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