Rancho El Temple

Bitless and barefoot horses is what one can expect to find at this impeccably kept riding stables

and livery yard situated in the tranquil Rectoria valley of Benimeli ( Alicante ).

Rancho El Temple - NaturalLiving.es

Run by an enchanting Dutch family , the ranch offers lessons and hacks to suit all levels of riding

ability. All horses here are barefoot ( this means they do not wear shoes ) and are ridden with

bridles that do not sport a "bit " ( metallic piece in their mouth ) , hence the animals here are

more relaxed and a step closer to nature than the average school horse.

Rancho El Temple - NaturalLiving.es

Time seems to stand still at Rancho el Temple , horses grazing together in the herd , pot bellied

pigs roam the grounds , cats curled up asleep on roof tops , dogs playing chase with each other ,

chickens searching for worms ,rabbits and guinea pigs nibbling leaves !! Quite a menagerie !

Explore the peaceful and picturesque valley whilst mounted on one of these calm and kind

horses, it really is food for the soul.


Rancho El Temple - NaturalLiving.es

Rancho El Temple - NaturalLiving.es




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