bananapancakes1Gluten - free Banana Pancakes.

Whilst browsing a rather interesting book about gluten - free meals I came across this super simple and tasty recipe for banana pancakes.

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001Homemade Doggie Treats

Whilst sitting in the waiting room at the vets one morning with one of our three dogs an elderly lady came in with her terrier and sat next to me. We got talking and she told me how she made her own dog treats for her pet , I asked her if she would mind sharing the recipe ... ............and here it is !!

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Herby Garlic Focacciafocaccia2

A sudden storm forced us to stop working in the garden one Sunday in the early spring and take refuge in the house , where we came up with this delicious recipe for a Foccacia bread doused with garlic and herbs !! Mmmmmmmm......!!!!

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Beef in Creamy Cheese

A lush combination of beef marinated in sherry and served with a creamy cheese sauce is what we found the result of this recipe to be. Lovely on winter evenings sat by the log fire.

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Chicken in garlic sauce

Garlic and Sherry play a regular part in our Spanish cooking, this time we have combined them with chicken and sweet paprika.

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indexCheese and Garlic mini buns

These mini buns make a great snack and are really tasty.
Have a go !!

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LemonLimeDrink - NaturalLiving.esOld fashioned Lemon & Lime drink

This is really tangy lemony drink
which is just gorgeous served
on crushed ice and with a sprig of mint !!

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GingerDrink - Refreshing  "GingerWater"

An American based drink made to drink in the fields whilst harvesting the hay.
We find this a delicious way to cool down in Summer
but can also be served hot like a "punch" to warm you up on Winter days !

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Chicken Dish - NaturalLiving.esTasty Caramelised Orange Chicken

This is a recipe my Mother has been making for years ! We came across it in 1979 in one of our local Spanish newspapers and still have the original clipping !! Makes a "different " dish to serve dinner guests !

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