bananapancakes1Gluten - free Banana Pancakes.

Whilst browsing a rather interesting book about gluten - free meals I came across this super simple and tasty recipe for banana pancakes.

Recipe for one to two persons.

You will need :

- 2 Organic Eggs ( beaten )
- 1 Banana ( mashed )
- Butter


Method :

- Combine the mashed banana and the eggs.
- Heat some butter in a frying pan.
- Pour a spoonfull of pancake mix in the pan and fry untill golden and risen. Remove pancake from frying pan and leave on a plate to one side.
- Repeat  process with the rest of the contents of the  bowl.

To serve you can add fruit and berries , nuts and grated dark chocolate if you wish.

Totally  scrummy !!

Banan Pancakes - Gluten Free




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