Art al Vent ( Gata de Gorgos )

This exhibition of contemporary textile art has been held every (mid) August for a period of three weeks in the town of Gata de Gorgos ( Alicante ) since 2003.

We were curious to know a bit more about it and see what was on show so headed off for a peek one afternoon.

We found that the various exhibits are infact large pieces of decorated cloth about the size of a bedspread hung on show from the balconies of the town and have been made not only by the locals but by people from all over the world and are then sent to Gata de Gorgos to take place in this interesting art exhibition every year.


Ranging from preety flowers, portraits of famous characters or simply feelings of injustice in the world, these works of art form a sea of expression by their creators.

Check it out!



Entry by local craft group " las tricotorras"




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