medieval3Medieval fair in LLiber

Every year during either the last week in March or the first week in April the  main street of the sleepy village of Lliber magically transforms into a scene from days of old.......

After a day spent at home we decided to venture out in the afternoon and visit this curious event in the neighbouring village. We found multiple market stalls bearing such delights as, for example: home-cured cheeses and hams, with samples to taste ( which we did ! ), herbal remedies for ever ailment under the sun, an amazing aray of dried fruits, hand-crafted jewellery, a rather unique home-made Rosemary destillery and many more interesting venues to visit  including a man powered fairground attractions for the children !

An Arabian tea-room was set up in the square, offering delicious mint tea and exquisite hand-made pastries for those with a sweet tooth.
Men on stilts followed by a hoard of belly dancers, dancing to the beat from the musicians behind them made their way through the narrow streets adding even more colour and ambience to this little market.
A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon !





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