romeria 02Pilgrimage to Font Santa ( Romeria )

One April Sunday morning, after a lovely meal out the previous evening at one of the many enchanting restaurants on the Calle Loreto in Denia, we packed our rucksacks and  joined the pilgrimage that was to be celebrated that morning in the nearby village of Teulada.

The pilgrimage is celebrated every year and leaves from the Ermita de San Vicente Ferrer( a large chapel in the village )and ends at the smaller chapel of Font Santa, down the hill at a  distance of around 3.5 km towards the sea.
An effigy of San Vicente Ferrer is taken from the  town to the Font Santa chapel by a three - horse driven cart , accompanied by  people on foot, horse-back or in other smaller horse -pulled carts. From the grandmothers of every house-hold walking arm in arm to babies in push-chairs, everyone is out for the day, wearing straw hats and sporting long bambu staffs !!

romeria 01Once at the chapel of Font Santa the small band that had been leading the proccesion stood  still and played a welcoming tune for the rest of the crowd of walkers and riders whilst San Vicente was taken off the cart and placed alongside the altar that had been erected in the forecourt of the chapel, thus enabling the priest to conduct his service for the pilgrims.
Meanwhile, above the chapel in the picnic area, there was food and drink being served for those who wanted it and a great typically Spanish atmosphere as people chatted away  and tucked into their picnics !
Next year will see us repeating this deightful and diferent morning I think !!

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