fm01Jesus Pobre Farmer's Market

Every Sunday the  small village of Jesus Pobre holds a forever growing farmer's market in the town square and beautifully restored Riu Rau. Knowing that we would be in for a culinary treat of home-made pastries and home-grown produce we decided to visit !

We were not disappointed, stalls laden with freshly baked bread,cocas,cakes and typical dishes of the region awaited us.
Locally grown organic vegetables to choose from and home-cured olives and pickles became a treat for the senses.....

The beauty of this weekly market being that the products are all locally made or grown,hence involving no middle-man , thus when you buy here you are supporting the locals !
We were also curious to visit the Riu Rau,that in years gone by was used for the drying of the grapes into raisons,this natural stone arched building was recently renovated and is a delight to see . We struck lucky as the first Sunday of every month sees an interesting antiques market join up with the farmer's market sharng this authentic venue attracting people from all around this region.

fm02The farmer's market is an all year round event, held in the evenings during the months of June to September to avoid the hot miday sun and the rest of the year during the mornings.
We will definatley be visiting again soon !!





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