Ermita de la Font Santafontrw

On our way from Teulada to Moraira we can find this simple Hermitage that is referred to as La Font Santa ( the Holy Font ).

A majestic fir tree in the forecourt protects the small building consisting of a Chapel, the Hermit's quarters and the actual Font itself.

Legend has it that Saint Vicent Ferrer during his travels during the 15th century through Teulada touched a stone with his staff and water began to drip from this stone until this day.
Never more , never less just drip by drip........
The Font Santa like many other Chapels and Hermitages in the area also has it's very own fiesta season once a year where we can dance to the live music and eat and drink out in the open air, as this little place has chosen the first week in July to celebrate !!





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