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After trying  out several different options of using non - toxic  , eco -friendly  ways of washing our clothes we have finally come across a very satisfying method ! The Soap Nut , or Soap Berry !

On  your first encounter with the Soap Nuts  you wonder how on earth could these wrinkley  little objects possibly wash your clothes ......... well , as it happens they do a very good job ! Leaving your clothes fresh and soft !
The tradional way to use these gems is to put four or five of them into a small cotton pouch and put them in the washing machine alongside your laundry.
However , there is another method that helps to make your soap nuts last longer , which is by converting them into liquid soap !
The liquid soap will last a couple of weeks without going rancid but it's a good  idea to keep it in the fridge !
The end result will look like weak tea and can be stored in bottles , jars etc. We like to make each wash smell different by adding a few drops of the essential oil of your choice to the soap mixture.
Here's a recipe that we have tried and tested and liked !!

Have fun !

soapnuts -

Soap Nuts liquid soap recipe


Step one:

- 20 soap nuts
- 1 litre of water
Put the soap nuts and the water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Simmer over a low heat for 20 mins , then cover and leave them to steep for at least an hour.

Step two :

Strain the soap nuts , keeping the liquid in a bowl or jug , return the soap nuts to the saucepan , this time with 750ml of water and repeat the process. Steep for an hour.

Step three:

Strain the soap nuts and keep the liquid with the liquid from before . Return the nuts to the pan this time with 500 ml of water and repeat the boiling , steeping , straining  process.

soapnuts -

Step four :

Put the strained soap nuts into a liquidiser with a glassfull of water and liquidise for a couple of seconds ! This is going to produce alot of foam so don't overdo it !

Step five:

Now pour your soapy mixture into a large saucepan with 250 ml of water and repeat the same process as before , boil for 20 mins , being very careful the mix doesn't boil over !! Steep for an hour and strain .
You can now throw your minced Soap nuts away on the compost heap for example and bottle your soap liquid when it's cooled down.


Two or three Tbsps of soap liquid should be enough per wash.
People have also been known to put the soap liquid into ice cube trays and freeze it until it's needed !!

Happy washing !!

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