A simple yet effective way to soothe inflamed and slow to heal scratches from brambles, gorse and cats. Also useful for bringing boils to a head.

Poultice - NaturalLiving.es

Ingredients :

2 Cups of boiling water

2-3 Cups of coarse breadcrumbs

Poultice - NaturalLiving.es

Pour the boiling water into a clean bowl and add the breadcrumbs. Cover with a plate that just fits inside the bowl and weight it down a little to compress the mixture.

When the bread has soaked up as much of the water as possible , strain off the excess water.The bread mixture should now be a soft pulp.

Spread the mixture about  1cm thick on a piece of clean linen/gauze that has been wrung out in hot water, and apply the poultice , while still warm to the affected area until it is cold.

Repeat as necessary.

It really works!!




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