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Honeysuckle is one of our favorite climbing plants , not only does it grow quickly winding its way up and over walls and trellises but also has a very pretty highly scented tubular flower during the months of  summer. We decided to experiment a bit by taking some cuttings and seeing if we grow this beautiful climber ourselves.

We selected a young fresh looking piece of our existing Honeysuckle and cut it off at about 40cm long.
Curling into a circular form rather like a halo we then placed it on top of the soil in a small plant pot and put a stone on the top of it to keep it in place : see picture 1
We then kept  the pot watered and in the semi shade . Do not remove the stone!

Six months later the cutting had grown roots into the pot and started to grow into a new honeysuckle plant. See picture 2 .
 We can now plant this new honeysuckle out into the garden in a spot where the base of the plant  has some shade and the rest of it can climb up towards the sun!
Give it a go !!





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