Gata de Gorgos

Basket work, hand ­ made lace and guitar ­ making are just some of the many crafts we have seen onexhibition in this not so large town of Gata de Gorgos. (Alicante)

Having driven through here on so many ocasions we had never really thought to actually stop and have aook around !

We were pleasantly suprised that the town still remains quite untouched by modern day building and that there are still traditional shops and houses tucked away down the side streets.


Gata boasts of its own train station on the North side of town, hence making it easy to hop off here and spend a day wandering around shops, cafes, various squares or even take a walk down to the wide dry river bed of the River "Gorgos" visiting the park "Font del Riu " with it's own collection of outdoor sculptures on the way.





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