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One of the caractaristic buildings in Denia is the century old Castle, on the edge of town.

I wrote this article actually sitting in the grounds of the castle, that over - looks the old fishing quarter ( Barrio de Baix ) and the extensive modern harbour , accompanied by views stretching way up the North Coast to one side and reaching out the town of Denia and the impressive Montgo mountain to the other. A real " Eagles nest " up here !!

Although a lot of restoration has been done to the perimeter walls,
the castle it's self, designed by the Moors is mostly in ruins but still makes an interesting visit and with the help of the various picture boards you can start to  imagine how it stood in all it's glory during it's prime back in the XII century.
My advise is to wear " sensible shoes " as the original pathway up to the castle is via an old cobblestone path and does not go well with flip - flops as I found out !
There is a tarmac access also but you will find the cobble-stoned way more interesting.
Entrance fee is very reasonable and includes a  visit to the archaeological museum joined to the castle ruins , exhibiting finds from the Denia area and castle grounds such as Bronze , Pottery and  Ceramics.
Have fun !!





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