Jardin L'AlbardaGardens of de L'Albarda

A mid April morning found us strolling around these beautifully kept gardens on the out-skirts of Pedreguer ( Alicante ), the weather was kind to us  hence we were able to  ramble at our own leisure around the extensive 50.000m2 landscape belonging to a large Manor house.

The gardens date back to 1990 and contain an impressive amount of indigenous plants and trees and a formidable collection of stunning roses to admire. All this taken care of by  just three gardeners all year round.
We found our way around the gardens with the help of a simple map provided at the Manor house itself, taking in the sights, sounds and scents, these gardens do not only offer flowers and plants to see , but also has several water features to enjoy, such as fountains, waterfalls and various ponds that are home to a group of  large Koi Carp  fish and cute little frogs. We managed to spot a small frog perched on a lily leaf singing his  heart out !
There are random benches and wrought iron chairs dotted throught-out the gardens so that visitors may relax, take in the scenary and listen to nature during their visit, one of our favorite ones  being  the bench over - looking one of the ponds !

This diverse garden took us on a magical journey from the stately cropped hedges next to the Manor, through oranges groves, rose gardens, pergolas dripping with Wisteria to tiny  woodland paths leading to secret readng - corners and lily covered ponds.
We had a delightful morning out and about discovering this hidden treasure and went on to have a typically Spanish lunch at a neighbouring restaurant.
But that's another story ...............

These gardens are well worth seeing, visit their website : www.jardinalbarda.com





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