popul 2La Ermita del Popul - Javea

Laying on the skirts of the great Montgo mountain that separates the towns of Javea and Denia we find the enchanting hermitage of the Virgens of Popul and Loreto.

This hermitage just happens to be one of the oldest buildings belonging to  Javea consisting of a small  gothic style chapel and a hermits living quarters, built during the XIV centuary  and restored in the XX centuary this little place is  a well mantained asset of the Javea vecinity.

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We are told that it was not built because of any great happenings at this site,neither had there been any apparitions or miracles performed nor is it built at the grave-site of anyone important. Simply it is  a place to for the people of the Church to visit.
The Hermitage of the Virgen del Popul has its own particular fiesta day which takes place on the second Sunday of every September , offering a religious mass , chocolates and sweets and a lovely atmosphere.
Find Ermita del Popul on the road from Javea to  Jesus Pobre aprox 3.5 kms from Javea town.

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